The Best Coffee Shops In Laguna Niguel

Here are some of my top local spots for an afternoon coffee fix. Enjoy!

Rosetta Brewing Company
Rosetta Brewing Company
Independently owned and operated, this new arrival is an artistic rockstar with a personal touch!
The owner, Brian takes great pride and care in his business and it really shows.
Taking personal interest in greeting and getting to know their local customers, Brian and his staff are happy to answer questions and share their passion for excellent coffee.
At Rosetta, you will find that a great emphasis has been placed on both the natural flavors and quality of the ingredients.
Rosetta Brewing company is located at the corner of Niguel Road and Crown Valley and is open Mon-Sat 7am-7pm and Sunday, 8am-6pm

Peet's Coffee
Peet’s Coffee
In my opinion, this place is the commercial answer to Starbuck’s.
My favorite daily coffee is a light roast, due to the flavor and higher caffeine content.
I drink Peet’s Colombia Luminosa pretty much daily, and highly recommend it.
When purchasing coffee by the bag, I find that Peet’s tends to be more fresh and less dried out, compared to most other commercial brands I’ve tried. There are two locations in Laguna Niguel.
One is on Aliso Creek Road near Whole Foods and the other is on Golden Lantern, near Cinopolis.

Starbucks Coffee
Ok, what can I say about Starbucks?
They are pretty much the same everywhere and make a killer Mocha Frapp, if you ask me.
Personally, I’m not a big fan of their bagged coffees, as they tend to be dry and somewhat aged compared to Peet’s bagged coffees.
Laguna Niguel has at least 5 locations.
I know.. shocking right?
Tell you what though.. If you happen to be at the Starbucks on the corner of LaPaz road and Aliso Creek, its right next door to my office at Bennion Deville. Drop by and say hi and maybe I’ll pick up the tab 🙂